Plans have been submitted for a long overdue restoration our this unique Town Hall. It’s so exciting that this Grade II* listed building will be saved for generations to come. But as part of the bargain FEC, the Cayman Island registered developer is squeezing 6 & 7 storey apartment blocks on to the site, towering over our houses and destroying the conservation area and the special village feeling of Crouch End and setting a precedent for future developments.

500 new residents plus 130 people per night in their hotel will increase pressure on already stretched bus services, schools, doctors' surgeries and more. The council have given them a 125 year lease – so this will be it for the forseeable future.

Over 500 objections have been lodged about the plans, but cynically the developer has lowered one block by only 900mm and included just 11 small affordable units in the Broadway Annex – and claims it is responding to local residents.

The nature of our community access is still in doubt. Inaccuracies in FEC’s documents justifying these huge blocks have not been independently checked or challenged by the council.

We think the development should be no bigger than the 4/5 story blocks and smaller footprint that the developer originally won the bid on.

We think the Council, our elected representatives, should stand up for the wishes of local residents.

The Council planning meeting for this is 11 December, so this is our last chance to influence Councillors and request our elected representatives listen to us.

1. Demand that the development be reduced in size

Write an email to our elected representatives asking them to represent your views over this Cayman-Island-registered overseas Developer.

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2. Read about the issues

We've compiled a list of the key issues with proposed development plans.

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Who we are

We are a group of Crouch End residents who want to raise awareness of the impact of the development on the immediate and wider community and help the public have their say.